Maximizing the ROI of Digital Staffing (Part 1)

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Maximizing the ROI of Digital Staffing (Part 1)

If you want to get the most out of the time and money invested into adopting mobile staffing, you shouldn’t simply slap an app in the Apple/Google store and expect it to function autonomously!

Instead, maximizing the return on the investment from a digital staffing initiative takes both strategic planning and thoughtful adoption.  The Arrived Workforce Connections platform is designed to act in conjunction with other layers of an agency.  There are a variety of practices that can be implemented by an agency in order to maximize the benefit of a staffing app.

Marketing to Workers:

Sourcing workers means getting in front of them, or more literally, getting in their pocket!  Did you know a combined 214 million people use TikTokSnapChat, and Twitter every month?  These social media platforms offer a variety of organic and paid ways to promote an agency, but the first step it to build a presence by sharing interesting content and engaging users.  Having a branded app in the Apple/Google store also facilitates a variety of click-through advertising in order to get workers to apply.

Worker Retention

Prior to implementing a digital staffing platform, it can be difficult to know that workers are losing engagement until they stop taking jobs for a prolonged period, and at that point they are already gone!  On the other hand, implementing the Arrived digital platform opens up a variety of insights that are especially important in this tight job market.  For example, recruiters can track who has not logged into the app in a few weeks and give a friendly check in call (Maximizing the ROI of Digital Staffing – Part 2).  Our dashboard shows helpful metrics like time to apply, application ratios and much more, providing the data you need to keep workers engaged.

Selling New Clients

Client self-service is also an important component of the Arrived digital staffing platform.  In a competitive sales situation, agencies that offer client facing technology will enjoy a significant advantage in the marketplace.  This becomes a great tool for sales representatives in competitive situations, especially for those big accounts that are tough to crack.  To make the most of any sudden opportunity, it is important that sales reps know how to do a basic demonstration of the software, especially a quick (5 minute) overview to show basic functionality and ease of use.

Client Retention

Some agency owners view staffing platforms as primarily a tool for workers, but that way of thinking is fundamentally flawed.  Client facing technology offers a lot of value, like transparency and 24/7 availability.  Not including your customer base in your operational and marketing plans is a serious mistake, making it easy for a growing number of app-based competitors to weasel their way in front of your customers!  Many of these new competitive agencies are well-funded by private equity or venture capital, which means they have aggressive growth targets and polished sales/marketing initiatives.  Assume it is a matter of when, not if, these firms will be call upon your existing client base at some point in the future.  Thus, it is urgent to deliver client facing technology as an important part of a successful digital initiative.

Let’s reimagine the art of worker deployment together

The gigRonin digital staffing platform helps grow and retain workers and clients through convenient, intuitive technology.  We want to partner with agencies of all sizes to be leaders in the emerging space of app-based staffing!  It is time to prepare for a rapidly changing market with a fully branded app in the Apple App/Google Play store, right alongside the big national firms.  If you want to know more or even just discuss market conditions and strategy, grab some time on my schedule here.


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The Arrived staffing app helps agencies beat the increasing number of on-demand competitors at their own game by matching and deploying contingent workers to job opportunities with an intuitive, user-friendly, mobile experience. Our platform promotes increased sales, recruiter efficiency and supports client retention. Arrived is the staffing app with easy adoption in a variety of markets like industrial, medical, clerical and more.

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