gigRonin Builds Mobile App for Career Nexus

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Fresno, CA (September 16, 2021) – gigRonin is excited to announce its partnership with Career Nexus to provide a mobile app that better facilitates the connection between prospective interns and local companies.


gigRonin Workforce Connections’ dynamic, on-demand staffing software will give Career Nexus the capability to efficiently match Fresno employers with interns that have been accepted and prepared to begin their careers through the Career Nexus training program.


“We are privileged to provide such an important community initiative with the digital tools that they need to create a stronger workforce flow between interns and employers in the Fresno area,” says Tosh Cook, CEO of gigRonin. He continues, “We feel that our staffing software will serve as an integral part in helping Career Nexus create an online platform that will encourage interns and employers to participate in this program. Most young interns of today know their way around technology, the Career Nexus app will be another weapon in their arsenal to begin a successful career here in the Fresno area.”


Career Nexus is a Fresno-based community initiative that will act as the bridge between prospective qualified interns and local employers. According to CEO Kurt Madden, “We were looking to connect young adult interns with employers by using a digital platform that was efficient, flexible, and easy to access. gigRonin helped facilitate that connection.” Through their Work Readiness Certificate program, Career Nexus will begin by training and preparing interns with important life skills and basic employability traits that all industries look for when hiring new employees. The Interns will be able to complete up to 3 paid internships per year, paving a path for future success in their fields.



About gigRonin:

Almost one-third of businesses are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a response to the tight labor market. The gigRonin digital staffing platform takes the friction out of flexible scheduling by matching available workers with curated job opportunities. This white label, user-friendly technology reimagines the art of worker deployment.



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