gigRonin Integrates with Bridgeware Systems

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Fresno, CA (September 21, 2021) – gigRonin is excited to announce its integration with Bridgeware Systems.


gigRonin is a fast-growing digital staffing platform that offers a fully branded mobile app for staffing agencies and other contingent employers. Bridgeware Systems, the developers of TempsPlus, provides a comprehensive Applicant Tracking Software system with over thirty years of experience serving the staffing industry. The gigRonin/Bridgeware integration will be a seamless operation that will allow current TempsPlus users the ability to add a digital staffing layer without interrupting their current processes.


gigRonin CEO Tosh Cook explains “Most staffing agencies are only able to fill between 25% to 50% of the orders they receive because they simply can’t get enough workers. The gigRonin digital staffing platform allows agencies to fill more shifts by moving faster than their competitors and increasing the engagement of their existing pool of labor.”


Both gigRonin and Bridgeware are looking forward to the launch of their integration. According to Cook, “Being a contingent employer in this historically tight labor market requires speed and efficiency, and the integration between gigRonin and Bridgeware provides a great solution for staffing agencies. We are thrilled to be a partner.” Director of Sales & Marketing for Bridgeware, Jim Madi expressed, “Bridgeware is proud to announce its affiliation with gigRonin through the seamless integration with TempsPlus. This represents an important addition to Bridgeware’s product line, and our clients will now be able to stay a step ahead with their own mobile app.”




About gigRonin:

Almost one-third of businesses are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a response to the tight labor market. The gigRonin digital staffing platform takes the friction out of flexible scheduling by matching available workers with curated job opportunities. Our white-labeled, user-friendly technology reimagines the art of worker deployment.



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